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Web design: Web browsers and how they function

How do web browsers function? Web browsers are client softwares that display home pages on computers and other devices such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. They ‘ask’ contact servers for pages built with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in order to successfully display the website’s pages. They also display pages that use scripting languages … Continue reading Web design: Web browsers and how they function

Web design: Portfolio website examples

  Pawel Nolbert: Rather than having paragraphs of text tell users about his portfolio, Nolbert lets the images take centre stage and speak for themselves. The layout is also very clear and lends to interactivity, while keeping a consistency with the content creator’s style in a way that makes the website and it’s content memorable to … Continue reading Web design: Portfolio website examples

Video production: Live-action video-game trailer

Narrative ideas The Wolf among us: Synopsis: The Wolf among us is a detective/murder-mystery game set in a world-within-a-world where different ‘fables’ and character’s from fairy-tale literature have integrated themselves within the mundane world, calling their world Fabletown. The protagonist is the ‘Big-bad Wolf’ in human form and Private Detective, Bigby Wolf, along with Snow … Continue reading Video production: Live-action video-game trailer

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