pitch ideas for a Pixar animation


Target audience:

Pixar animations usually target audience’s of all ages, mostly of families of young children (5-12) and adult parents (30-40). To do this Pixar uses elements that both of those demographics can enjoy, for example for children they use bright, energetic animation and colourful characters to keep them engaged.

And for adults, they underline their stories with mature themes such as adjusting to growing up, family dynamics, and being yourself. I can employ some of these in my animation


animation-making process: Pixar uses what they call “simplexity” where they use simple but elegant solutions to making their films, for example in toy story, the artist for that film used basic drawings to storyboard the scenes.

Example: Since my animation will have an underlining theme about family issues, the Pixar animation I am taking inspiration will be the Incredibles.

First of all, the director (in this case Brad Bird) writes the script and tells the team his ideas for the film, then once the team are happy with the story and script, a storyboard artist pitches different scenes he/she has drawn for the director using a board covered with his drawings of different frames.

After they have the scenes that they like and want to use, animators come in and look at the storyboard drawing, and base their animation off the drawings. In order to animate the characters believably and give them all weight, the animators film themselves doing the things that the characters are doing, for example, simulating Mr Incredible throwing something. The end result was a basic animation of the scenes.

Afterwards, a shader gives life to the scenes by adding shading and lighting to the animation.

Idea generation:




the incredibles poster








Genre: family, comedy, adventure

Story: A 3D animation about a family of fruit who are initially excited about being brought and put into their new home in a kitchen. But after a good first impression of their new they realise that having a kitchen as a new home isn’t a good idea after all as they discover that their new home is actually very dangerous and must work together to try to escape.

Characters: Orange: Family leader, thinker of the group

Apple: Comic relief, optimistic family member

Pineapple: Tough and headstrong member of the group, mistrusted by others

Grapes: Children of the group, generally misbehave and hard to control

Grapefruit: Den mother of the family, voice of reason

The animation most likely will not need a villain, since the kitchen would be a danger enough, e.g. Large objects, kitchen utensils, heights etc.






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