Ideas pitch: Video-game mechanic/story


Idea 1

Genre: Platformer

Description: A 2D shoot-’em-up platformer which uses fruit based characters and mechanics in its game world E.G. drops of orange juice instead of coins, vegetable based enemies, fruit based power-ups and a 2-player buddy system. After each level, you fight a challenging boss battle with a vegetable-based opponent

Story: In a world where fruit and vegetables are at war, you play as zest, a brave lemon soldier who must go on a quest to defeat the vegetable army by destroying their leader.

Idea 2


Genre: stealth, action

Description: A Hitman-style stealth game where you use a variety of equipment and assassination techniques to get to your target. Each mission begins with a briefing of who and where your target is, and then you’re asked what type of equipment you want to use, stealth tech ( Hacking technology, silenced pistol, etc) or offensive equipment (guns, bombs, and offensive vehicles).

Not only can you find creative ways to assassinate your target, there are also multiple ways of travelling to your target, e.g. land, air and sea travel with multiple vehicles and ways of approaching your location (land-rovers, boats,  jet-planes, helicopters, etc.)

The game also includes a multiplayer mode where the player can either be the target and set up their own protected location with guards, different rooms and more and try to make it as protected as possible, or be a member of a team of hitmen, equip yourselves with gear that you earned while playing and try to assassinate the other player in his/her location.



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