Illustrator techniques

Swiss flag

In order to learn different techniques and tools in Adobe Illustrator, we re-created flags such as Switzerland, (above) Greece and South Africa.

We learned how to use different tools like the pen tool, the shape tool and the quick-selection tool in order to re-create these flags accurately.

Although it was the first time that I used Illustrator, I have easily picked up the essential skills. I feel comfortable using the tools and some of the basic techniques.

South African flag

This South African flag was more challenging due to the more complicated pattern of shapes and putting the yellow outline around the black triangle was pretty time-consuming.


When we had progressed in re-creating flags,  we were told to create a flag that we had chosen, and I decided to re-create the Nepalese flag

Nepalese flag


Basket design


Afterwards, to show an example of a graphic design commission, we were asked to design our own shopping baskets using tools such as grouping, distort and transform, and circular rectangle, which I used to to create a star-patterned design, with an orange colour.


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