photoshop: text

Here are some tips for editing text in Photoshop.

In film posters, the image given is usually accompanied by text giving you a clue as to what the film is about and the film’s title.

(tip: holding CMD (or CTRL) over a chosen layer and then clicking on it with lasso the whole image on that layer)

In Photoshop there are many ways to change your chosen text using the “Layer style tool” in the layers menu.

layer style tab

You can add drop-shadow, depth, colour and other features to the text.

“Clip and mask” is another tool to use if you want the image inside the text.

If you want to use a font you’ve seen on a poster, save the image and put it in Photoshop. Then use the marquee tool and highlight the font you want, then go to type and match font and Photoshop will bring up the font that is the closest the poster’s font looks like.

type and match font

After that your font should resemble the font on the poster


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