video-game HUD mood-board

In this lesson we began one of our games design tasks, looking at basic game structure and getting an idea of the layout of a game screen.

To do this, we created a mood board displaying different video-game HUDs (Heads-Up-Display) which is an interface in video-games that indicate your life-bar status, the collectibles you have, sometimes hunger (e.g. Don’t starve, Minecraft), and other technical aspects.

Different types of HUD:

  • Permanent HUD: A display of the status of different aspects are always onscreen (e.g. Far cry games, Minecraft)
  • pull-up HUD: Where the HUD can be displayed whenever you want it to by using a button command, or going to the game’s menu. (E.g. Grand theft auto V’s weapon HUD circle, which tells you which weapons you have.)
  • Action HUD: A specific HUD is displayed briefly when an action is performed or completed
Here’s an example of a permanent HUD from popular game, Minecraft.
video-game mood board.jpg
A mood-board showing different examples of HUD from different video-games

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