architecture poster task: layout

In this lesson, we were taught about different types of poster layout, and how they can effect and add interest and flow to your design.

Layout is used to draw the reader’s eye to different aspects of the poster in different ways and orders that you want them to be drawn to in.

In this blog entry, i have researched a few examples of these different layouts.


Here is an example of a portrait style of layout. This is mostly used for data graphs (shown above) and for more simple posters.


This is a landscape layout, used for maps, news-boards and theme park advertisements, e.g. Chessington.

chessington landscape poster






Pixar’s Zootopia’s use of golden ratio layout

This is an example of the the more stylish layout, golden ratio. This is used if you want to create a dynamically laid out film poster, for example.

As shown above, this is used to lay out an animation poster. The designer follows the spiral line to draw the viewer’s eye to different aspects of the poster in a spiral fashion. e.g. Title, to crowd of secondary characters, to date and text, to main characters, who are in the central part of the poster.

However it can also be used to make poster layouts more effective an interesting for an audience to look at.

Marvel Avenger’s rule of thirds

Rule of thirds, is most commonly used in film posters to naturally draw a viewer’s eye to different aspects of the poster that we want them to look at the most, and add an interesting flow to the image.

For example, this poster draws the viewer’s eye to the avengers logo first, then to the characters, to the tower and ship in the top-centre square, then to the actor’s names above.



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