First assignment:”London festival of architecture” poster

For our first task, we have been asked to create a poster for an architecture festival in London.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 14.21.56.png
The introduction to the brief

Our first assignment is to create a poster for a festival of architecture taking place in London.

The first task in the assignment is to do some research on different event posters from london and take inspiration from their use of visual communications (layout, composition, colour, etc,).

Then, using the  knowledge we’ve collected, we need to create mood-boards, mind-maps and thumbnails showing the different ideas we have for the poster.

an example of an event poster
my work-in-progress ideas mind-map.


Afterwards, using PhotoShop and Illustrator, we need to develop our poster ideas digitally, using different effects, type/font, layout, colour, etc.



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