Architecture poster: digitally designing

For the final part of our poster assignment, we began designing our final poster idea drafts digitally using Illustrator and Photoshop

The first thing I did was import the Bauhaus building image into Photoshop and using the lasso tool, cut out the areas where i will be placing text, which gave me

edited bauhaus building

this result.

Then i imported the new image onto Illustrator in order to place and edit text in the areas i cut from the building, using different colours, fonts and letter tracking to get the placement of the words where i wanted it. However to tell Illustrator where i wanted the text, i created a path using the curvature tool, and positioned the new path using the anchor-point tool and delete anchor-point tool.

beginning to place and edit text
finished placing text


And, since I had to create three poster ideas for the task, I created two more posters in Photoshop and Illustrator, using my two other final sketchbook ideas, which as of right now are still in development. I’ll upload the final images in a later blog.

3rd architecture poster idea (development)
2nd architecture poster idea (in development)

I created these two posters using using building images found on Google, transferring them to Photoshop, and using the Polygonal lasso tool to cut out elements of the images i didn’t need, using the Spot healing brush tool to fill in the blanks if i made a mistake. Afterwards i exported those images into Illustrator, and then edited and positioned each image into a place on the document i wanted them to be in.

Using lasso and brush tools I changed the colour of each cut image and gave each a stylised text with a fitting font. I then imported an image of the festival’s logo into the poster.


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