Poster assignment: Evaluation

For this portion of the assignment, we have been asked to evaluate ourselves and give a review on our own posters, outlining where we think we went wrong, and what we thought we did best.

Architect festival poster 2 (famous London buildings)
architect festival poster 1 (bauhaus)


architect festival poster 3 (stylised)

What part of the assignment went the best?

In my opinion, I think my concept sketches during the idea-generation phase went the best, as I was able to fill my sketchbook with, I think, some pretty good poster ideas, especially the thumbnail sketches. I’ll leave a link to my blog post about them here=

During drawing these ideas, I enjoyed using my different drawing tools to get different effects, like shading and lighting, and using details of famous London buildings was a-lot of fun as well.

However, I think i could’ve used more colour in more of my sketches, as then it would have been more interesting to look at.

What could have gone better?

I think I should have done a bit more poster research in the initial stages of the assignment, before making my concept sketches, then my poster designs may have improved.

I feel like i have left the research too late, and should have done so towards the beginning. Luckily, however, I did a-lot of research on poster composition and layout, which influenced my design heavily.

Poster designs: The best and worst aspects

Asking my class-mates, I found that poster number 1 was the most well-liked among my 3 designs, as that one and (in my opinion) poster 2 looked the most professional out of my designs, as I was heavily inspired by Bauhaus, famous London buildings and other architecture posters while making them. I tried to be a bit more stylised with poster 3, but I think the way I situated the parts of the Bauhaus building could have been a bit more professionally done, and the font could have been better placed on the image.

Because with other architect posters created by professionals, they are often very flashy and stylised in their designs, and the font is often situated around the shapes and buildings that they have used, and I tried to emulate all of that into my designs and be inspired by other people’s work.

However, I think the best aspect of my posters is my colour choice, as I feel like I have used them well enough and made my designs attractive to the eye of the reader and interesting to look at. I used bold and bright colours that stand out from the page and add visual interest

The way I have placed the font is also well done in my opinion, as I have chosen colours for the font that compliment the background colours to make them stand out from the rest of the poster and make the text legible and easy to read for the audience.

Comparing a professional’s work with my own posters

My most well liked poster



A professional poster

How the building is used

The way a professional uses the building the poster is inspired by is pretty minimalist and doesn’t use the building itself, he/she uses a muted version of the building to convey the meaning to the reader that this poster is about creative architecture straight away. I have also done that, however my building inspiration is a-lot more blatant than the professional’s work and is not as stylised and creative, but still conveys the right meaning of the poster to the reader.

How the text is used

My font is a-lot more flashy and obvious than the professional’s choice of text, but I think that’s the drawback to having more text to work with on the poster. The way I have situated my text I feel is creative, modelling it around the Bauhaus building.

The professional’s text is also very minimalist in design, not taking up much of the page and leaving the building to dominate the image. However that doesn’t make the text very legible and leaves a-lot of space on the poster which also could’ve been used for text. The poster’s meaning is still clear however.

How colour is used

The professional makes good use of very basic and flat, but bright, colours in his/her poster, but still made it effective in displaying the poster’s meaning. Mine, aside from the festival’s logo and the sun, does not have much colour involved, but I tried to make up for the lack of colour by adding different effects, like the glow behind the building, using Photoshop.








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