Assignment: Vroom!- video game interface: Task 1-ideas and research

For this assignment, we have been asked to create a UI (user-interface) for a photorealistic new racing game by first figuring out the way we are going to create the interface and come up with ideas for the context and HUD elements we want to use e.g. what setting will the game take place in and what type of cars will be involved, like, for example, a Mad Max-inspired, post-apocalyptic setting, or a futuristic city with cars using advanced technology.

HUD researchProject_Cars_boxart.jpg

First of all, I looked at different types of racing game HUDs, using well known racing games as an example, in this case, Project Cars.

In project cars, the HUD is adapted to two different points of view, third-person and first-person, and there are 2 different HUDs, Telemetry and the default HUD.

In third-person,

Project cars’s telemetry HUD: Credit:Dude racer-Youtube-(Project cars PS4 telemetry HUD example)16/05/2015
Project cars’s default HUD



The HUD is displayed in a permanent way, as it stays on the screen, and is separate from the rest of the screen. It displays many details about the different elements onscreen.The RPM you’re travelling at (top of the screen) the gear you’re driving the car in (top of the screen, right of RPM display) and it even displays what angle the car is driving into (top left of the screen).

However, the different HUD elements are not very distinctive from one another, so it can be difficult to know the difference between each element. I will have to be careful to differentiate my HUD elements from each-other for a simpler-to-read display.

Project cars’s default HUD though, is more streamlined and easier to read, showing only the essential details that you need to know about the car you’re driving and the race, for example this display just shows the speedometer (bottom-right of the screen), the amount of time you are taking in the race and on the top-middle of the screen there is a rear-view mirror perspective window. And, when playing in first-person, the third person HUD elements are replaced with animated car dashboard elements and is adapted to the dashboard of the type of car you are driving. For example, the dashboard display for a Formula 1 style racing car would look different to a GT (Grand Tour) road car.

Project cars first-person view: credit: 25/11/2013: Tommaso Pugliese


This default HUD, in my opinion, looks as though it is the best HUD to select for when you are playing a race, because it only shows what you essentially need to know for gameplay and does not display any extra or unneeded information onscreen, so this is probably the example I am going to use most when brain-storming ideas.



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