Music: racing game soundtrack assignment

During today’s music lesson, we continued creating ideas for our racing game track based on our research we did on different racing games using Garageband.

I revised my original track into something almost completely different, as I thought that the original beats and sounds I put into it didn’t mix very well.

I inserted a background beat created on my own called Pulsating waves, then I used the apple loops library to add different beats, for example, afterburner synth leads and against time keys were some that I used.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.06.09.png
afterburner synth lead
Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.06.37.png
Pulsating waves

I then used the drum menu provided by garageband to add different drum beats to make the track more interesting to listen to such as Jazz organ, and to give the track more fullness to it.

My garageband track set-up “In a garage”

My 2nd track was the most enjoyable to create as I could add different drum beats using a Drum setting in my new garage band file. For this track, I decided to continue with the Electronica genre as that was what fit most for the game genre I was composing for.

I found that the loop was beginning to sound like a tense race was occuring so I tried to carry on with that mood by adding a fast drum beat and an apple loop called Anthem Fever. At first it was difficult to make the different beats fit together coherently, but I managed to cut the drum beat a little to get it to fit and add more of the Circle of fifths track to give the music more fullness.

When I had finished, a class-mate, told me that the loop sounded like a racer was going through a last-minute victory lap, so in the soundcloud playlist I uploaded, I called the track “Victory lap”.

“Victory lap” on Garageband



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