After effects: 3D sphere animation

In this lesson, we were taught and then asked to create our own planet animation using a video our teacher put up on Moodle, different planet textures and Adobe after-effects.

To begin with, I downloaded the planet textures into a folder and uploaded it into a folder in after-effects I created called assets, then I created another folder called pre-comps.

I created a composition called master by clicking create a new composition in the projects window, and giving it the settings that the video tutorial showed.

(you can re-name the texture if you want)

Master comp settings

Then I dragged a planet texture I wanted into the “create a new composition tab” to make the texture appear in the composition window, then I dragged this composition into the pre-comp folder and re-named it.

texture composition

In the “effects and presets menu” I typed in sphere in the search bar and dragged “CC Sphere” onto the texture, which transformed it into a spherical shape





Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.55.06.png
Spherical texture

(Note: There are other ways of getting an effect you want in after-effects, the effects tab in the top bar of the computer screen being one of them)

I then needed to add a rotation keyframe to make the planet turn. I opened up the effects tab below the project window and










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