Vroom! assignment: Dashboard research: Legal, moral and ethical implications

For this task of the assignment, I am going to be looking into different car dashboards and getting inspiration for my racing game. I will also be discussing the legal, moral and ethical implications and risks of creating a video-game HUD and how to avoid those risks.

Dashboard 1

Mercedes-Benz dashboard at nighttime (editorial.Autoweb.com: MichaelHarley:2015)

For easier visibility, Mercedes-Benz incorporates an Infrared lights dashboard so the driver can clearly see the dashboard’s different components at nighttime. This also gives the car a futuristic look during nighttime, which is the time period my racing game is set in, so I can take inspiration from this style for one of my team’s cars.


These lights are placed around the most important components of the dashboard i.e. The speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.

The “Night view” also includes a night-vision viewing screen where a screen in the middle of the dashboard shows live footage of the road in front of you in night-vision, which gives more clarity to the direction you’re driving in. I can also take inspiration from this for my game.

For further research, I created a mood-board on different car dashboards.


car dashboards











Dashboard components

prevalently, the most obvious component in a dashboard is the Speedometer, the fuel gauge and the radio display. When in first person view in my game, I will have a speedometer display in one the screen’s corners as there will be no dashboard to implement this part of the HUD.

Legal, moral and ethical implications


  • Legal: Definition: Right by, or permitted by law e.g. “A legal right” or “Authorized by law”.

In order to ensure that I am being legal in my use of different dashboards, I will have to credit the company who created the car and who I am using as inspiration by using their name and give an indication as to how I am using it. For example, if I am using Mercedes-Benz’s website photos, “credit: Mercedes-Benz, 2004-17, http://www.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content/unitedkingdom/mpcmpc_unitedkingdom_website/en/home_mpc/passengercars.html”

  • Moral: definition: Personal standards of right and wrong e.g. “a highly moral person”

I will have to ensure that I am using these cars in a moral way by making sure that I am not taking inspiration from them in a way that is illegal and use them in a way that I feel is right, for example, not using the dashboard for plagiarism purposes and acknowledge the company who made the car properly.

  • Ethical: A sense of right and wrong shared by a community e.g. It is widely considered wrong to steal a car

In this case it is commonly considered wrong to use someone else’s work e.g. car dashboard without giving them the proper credit, therefore it is actually illegal. In order to avoid this I will have to credit the company who’s dashboard I am using so as to avoid copyright issues and not get accused of plagiarism.

  • Copyright and IP: definition: The legally given right to use e.g. Print, publish or use elements of, someone else’s IP (intellectual property) For example, using another artist’s music without these rights is illegal and un-ethical.

Therefore, when using different race teams for inspiration and for mood-boards, I must acknowledge and give a link to the identities of the team brand and sponsorships and give credit to the race team
















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