Vroom! assignment: Evaluation



Thames tiger-sharks logo


What went right?

I felt like the drawings in my sketchbook went well, as I had plenty of ideas about what I wanted each team and logo to look like. I went through a few ideas for each before I had a type of logo that I wanted, but I think I made some good choices as  to what logos fitted best with the game’s genre and setting and the team’s names. I tried making them similar to car company logos such as Volkswagon by making them abstract, but recognisable.

I also think I made a good colour selection for each of my teams, basing them on the animal or place in London that each team was based on. For example, turquoise-blue and dark blue for the Thames Tiger sharks.

Using Photoshop, I created some good logos for my teams, again making them look like they belong to a car company, while using my selection of colours to make each logo look interesting and give each some personality. I used a variety of tools such as, the lasso tool, the pen tool and character tool for text.

What could have gone better?

If I had more time for the assignment, I could’ve made more decisions regarding an appropriate type and font for each team. I managed to find a good font for the Buckingham Lions ( Black Chancery) but I could’ve spent some more time on the fonts for the other teams


What went right?

Using Microsoft Excel, I created an organised timetable for each part of the assignment which was easy to read and to follow, giving each part a set number of days to complete them in.

What could have gone better?

If I had made the timetable earlier in the assignment, it would have allowed me to complete the first tasks in a more organised way and given me an indication of the time it would take to complete those tasks in.

Research and analysis 1: Project cars


What went right?

I feel as though I gave a good and in-depth analysis of Project cars’ HUD, explaining what the game does right in regards to it’s HUD, for, example, it’s default HUD, which was more streamlined and realistic car dashboard elements in first-person driving mode. I also tried to give my thoughts on what the game does wrong with it’s HUD, like it’s telemetry HUD, which was too crowded with unnecessary interface elements, like the gear you’re car is driving in.

Taking inspiration from this HUD was a good idea as I felt it influenced my own HUD design and gave me an indication of what type of interface works best when playing a racing game.

What could have gone better?

What could also have been beneficial to my HUD is having a comparison between Project Cars and another racing game like Forza Motorsport. This would have given influence to my design and would have helped me come up with my own ideas about what elements I could have in my interface.

Research and analysis 2: Dashboard research and Legal, moral and ethical considerations


What went right?

I think I created a good selection of mood-boards in Photoshop about different car dashboards, giving me some ideas as to what type of dashboard my futuristic car could have. I also feel as though I gave a good definition of legal, moral and ethical and gave relevant examples for each consideration using my assignment.

What could have gone better?

I think I could have taken more time to describe a car’s dashboard in a more in-depth manner, which would’ve given me a better indication of what advanced car dashboards look like, which would result in more inspiration for my own car’s dashboard, and making comparisons with two cars instead of using one car as an example would also have given me more ideas.

HUD elements and final piece


What went right?

Using Illustrator and Photoshop, I created a good variety of different interface elements, like the HUD’s map I created with Google Maps, taking a snapshot of the route I wanted and then turning it into a HUD element in Illustrator by adding a route line telling players which part of the race they are on. With Photoshop, I created a race items menu, indicating what in-game power-ups the player has picked up during the race. I then created a professionally made set of thumbnails with the HUD elements using Photoshop.

Creating the final piece in Photoshop I also felt went very well, superimposing each HUD element over a Google maps snapshot of a driver’s view of Tower bridge. I think I placed each element in a professional way and in a way that would give a player a good indication of what could be happening during each race. I also think I made a creative choice in making the map in 3D and utilised the 3D filter tool well.

What could have gone better?

In regards to the MPH indicator on the bottom left-hand corner, I think I could’ve made the design more creative and futuristic, like modelling the design after a trail of fire for example.

I also think I could’ve embedded the map more in the image by cutting out the parts of the map that were unnecessary and showing only the main route line that I had drawn.










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