SOH: A Dove’ s Journey and Animated Alphabet: Written treatment

  1. Title: A Dove’s journey

Logline: A short romance animation based on the theme of hope, where a Dove tries to find a mate in her home in a tree, while confronting loneliness, hoping that her future will improve.

Story synopsis: Act 1: The Dove arrives on her tree and begins looking for a nest to settle in. She then finds a nest, and starts settling in to her new home.

Act 2: Night falls as the Dove begins getting lonely being by herself in a nest. She starts on her adventure through her tree, looking for a mate. She comes across different types of birds during her search that she considers making friends with, with her hopes rising for the situation.

Act 3: After being bullied off by a Crow, she begins giving up in her loneliness, walking slowly and sadly away back to her nest. She then comes across a fellow male Dove, and they observe each-other for a while before beginning to play around the tree, and fall in love. They then go back to her nest and begin their happy new life together.

2. Title: Animated Alphabet (work-in-progress)

Logline: A sequence of animations showcasing each letter of the alphabet in a stylistic way.

Story synopsis: Each letter of the alphabet appears stylistically with an object or character appearing along with it, for example, the letter B could form when a Bee flies onscreen leaving its flight-path behind it.

Act 1: The letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I first appear one after the other, each with an object or character appearing alongside it. The letter A begins the animation with an animated line forming the A, and then an apple tree growing from the ground and dropping an apple next to the A.  The act ends with the line forming the letter I and Ice-cream being prepared next to it.

Act 2: The next 9 letters J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q and R form. This begins with the animated line forming the letter J with a Jukebox playing beside it. This act ends with the letter R forming along with Rocket flying past the screen and leaving a smoke trail for the letter S.

Act 3: The letters S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z form for act 3. The letter S begins the act with the smoke from the earlier rocket turning into snow and a snowman forming next to the S. The letter Z ends the animation with Z forming on a black screen and stars in the formation of a Z appear in its place, indicating a Zodiac.




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