Games design task 2: Characters and Story concept

In the first step of task, I’m going to come up some story and character ideas and eventually create a story concept for my video-game.

However, before I create my game, I will need to do some research on different video-game concept art and artists in order to compiled them into mood-boards for inspiration.


character design mood-board
Character design


fantasystructures mood-board
Fantasy buildings


video-game environments concept art

Game Setting/Story

My favourite idea for the setting of my game was an epic fantasy setting similar to Lord of the Rings, which would be converted into a 2D platforming style of gameplay.

The beginning level could take place in the main character’s Medieval home village (Guelder). Aaron, who is the main character of the game will be facing an evil sorcerer (Daugrim), who is trying to conquer the world.; Daugrim’s quest to conquer the world starts at Aaron’s village (Guelder). Aaron is the leader of the village and as such, he will be the protagonist of the story through which we play the game.

The gameplay revolves around Daugrim and Aaron. Daugrim uses his powers at the beginning of the game to convert all of the villagers into his slaves, while Aaron’s task is to release all of the villagers back to their previous state by giving them a magic potion that he acquires during gameplay. In addition Aaron needs to go through the worldand fight evil creatures that Daugrim releases during gameplay.

Aaron uses his blacksmith hammer, a home-made sword and certain types of magic such as fire, lighting and shield to kill off the creatures while collecting the potion which releases the villagers, and his last task is to defeat Daugrim. By defeating Daugrim, he reverts the world back to it’s original state.




Aaron: The lead character begins as a reluctant hero, working as an apprentice in his father’s smithy, but as the story continues, he embraces his heroic side and becomes one of the world’s protectors. This character should have an American-British name like Aaron or Jon.

Erius: A character that guides our main character and assists him in travelling the world, while also having his own abilities and magic powers. A name that is more enigmatic and “fantasy” than the Protagonist’s suits this character more. Erius is part of an almost extinct caste of Wizards, and he has taken it upon himself to continue his caste’s work and protect the world from dark threats, but can also be tempted by the evil side of magic.

Daugrim: This character acts as the main villain of the story and is the character that the two main characters must defeat in order to save the world, and should be a dark reflection of the protagonists, for example using evil magic rather than benevolent magic.

Cainas/Dragon: This is a character that will belong to either the hero or the Wizard character and could either bring comedic-relief to the story or be a plot device character, for example, it can possess properties that can be used for good or evil, such as a type of ancient magic that no-one else in the world possesses

Extended Story synopsis:

Our story begins in a humble, small village with traders selling their wares, farmers gathering crops, and blacksmiths forging weapons and armour for warriors fighting in distant lands, who come across the village. In one blacksmith forge, Aron, who dreams of one day adventuring to far off places, works as his father’s apprentice, but is unaware that his life is about to be turned upside-down in the blink of an eye.

The village suddenly became overrun with it’s corrupted citizens who had been taken over by a dark magic. Aron discovers, with the help of a strange Wizard named Erius, that this is the work of the enemy of the free world, a dark sorcerer named. So Aron, with the help of his new friend and guide, sets off across the world, to end the dark lord’s control over his home, and the world.

Throughout their adventures, Aron and Erius make their way through various locations and meet different races such as dwarves and elves on their way to the Dark lord’s domain.

Narrative: This story will be told through a series of levels in the form of quests, each of which end in a boss-battle with a significant enemy or general of Daugrim’s army. As the player makes their way through these levels, more of the plot is revealed through dialogue bubbles between characters, or perhaps, short cutscenes.



The gameplay is a platformer, metroid-vania style, where different loot you collect on your way through levels can access different areas and secrets.

For example, if you come into contact with an area you cannot access yet, you will be able to find an item to help you in a later or earlier level, such as boots to enable you to jump higher, gauntlets to break objects faster or a spell-book to learn new magic. These will let you access the area to gain new items or more currency, to spend in vendors around the level, which supply you with armour and upgrades like more health and magical energy.

metroid level.jpeg
An example of a Metroid level ( Metroid 2: 1991)




Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 09.26.03.png
example of video-game character design








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