film-making: stages of production

Idea: When a person or a group generate a basic idea for a film, video-game or play, and begin developing certain aspects such as

  • Script (ideas, time, dialogue etc.)



The preliminary stage in film-making, stage-direction and game creation where the director and other team members plan the shots e.g. storyboards,  write and revise scripts, and establish the cast of the film/ show/ voices of different characters.

Aspects of pre-production

  • Hiring cast and crew
  • Funding
  • Establishing location/recce
  • Set-building
  • Props
  • Shot list
  • Storyboarding/ Animatic
  • Concept art

Production: Where the film’s cast and crew begin shooting

  • Filming
  • Live sound and audio
  • Re-shoots
  • Live special-effects (practical effects)
  • Stunts
  • Script updates
  • Logging (ensuring shots are good)
  • Video and special-effects/ composition


  • Foley ( working sound so important sounds are picked up)
  • Soundscape (natural sound)
  • Soundtrack (music)
  • Digital special-effects (e.g. CGI)
  • Compositing
  • Marketing/merchandising
  • Pre-release screenings
  • EDL (Edit Decision List)
  • Paper edit (More efficient and economical)

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