Games design: Character descriptions and designs

Aaron: Aaron is the hero of the story and is the one destined to save his village and Dawnworld from the evil of the dark sorcerer Daugrim, along with his allies Erius the Wizard and Cainas the Dragon. He begins the story as a normal blacksmith’s apprentice who is curious about the wider world outside his home, but as the story unfolds, he develops into an experienced warrior and explorer.

In the game, his skills include fighting with his homemade sword (which you can upgrade) and his use of different types of magic, taught to him by Erius, such as Fire, Shield, and Air, which allow him to jump higher and reach platforms that he couldn’t before.

Here is some of the original concept art that I developed for him:

Aaron concept 2



I also created a test GIF for Aaron’s eventual walking cycle

walking cycle (test)


Erius: Erius is an enigmatic and powerful magic user who is the first one who is aware of Daugrim’s increasing influence on the world. The most that some people know about him are that he is one of the last of a dying caste of powerful Protectors, who are the chief defenders of Dawnworld. His wide array of knowledge and worldly wisdom is an invaluable guide to Aaron (the protagonist) and Cainus (the dragon) and is arguably his greatest asset on their journeys.

He is a master sorcerer with near unmatched magical ability, using spells and enchanted items to his advantage such as teleportation, energy blasts, and fireballs (which can both be upgraded in-game with currency). For example, if the player got themselves stuck in a section of a level where they cannot avoid a projectile Erius would be able to teleport to safety and avoid damage.

Erius concept art



Daugrim: Daugrim is the dark sorcerer who tries to take by force the world he feels is owed to him by corrupting its inhabitants and spreading his influence across the land, using his ever-growing army of evil creatures and the corrupted members of different races. He observes his domain and the rest of Dawnworld from his citadel in Nekar, the shadowey, hollow land that he has claimed as his own.

His power rivals that of Dawnworld’s most powerful sorcerers as he uses necromancy, dark energy and soul-manipulation to deadly effect, and he is on a never-ending quest to grow his power by amassing all the magical knowledge in the world.

Daugrim’s original concept art


Environment assets

game assets=buildings
Level 1: Town assets


Enemy concept art

Here are some of the original/final concepts for the different enemy types in the game

Thecorrupted sprites copy copy


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