App design: What makes a good logo?

A logo is a small image used by companies and organisations to identify themselves and their products. All companies do have a logo such as McDonalds, Playstation and Coca-Cola, who all have identifiable and memorable logos that send an appropriate message to their audience. The best logos are designed to be:

PlayStation_logo.svg_mcdonalds logo.png

  • Simplistic: Keeping the logo to a simple design makes it memorable and easier to identify for viewers. If you add too many graphics and shapes to a logo design, it becomes too cluttered and makes it more difficult to remember. It is also a way for companies to simply bring across the theme or subject of their product, for example, Adidas’s logo is three, simple parallel rectangles with the name Adidas below it, and it has always been recognised as a shoe retailer.adidas logo
  • Versatility: You must also make sure that your logo can be used on a variety of different products and be able to be printed differently, for example, is the logo just as effective in black-and-white as it is in colour? Or does is it just as identifiable at this size on this T-shirt as it does at this small size on this mug?
  • Appropriate: Your logo must also follow the theme of your products or the company’s products, so if you were making a logo for children’s products you wouldn’t use dull, drab colours and an un-interesting font, you would go the design direction that Toys’r us went in and use bold, bright colours and a humorous and friendly font.



  • Timelessness: While designing your logo, you must assess whether it will still be just as memorable and well-designed 5, 10 years onwards. Again with the Coca-Cola logo as an example, it has hardly changed over the years that it has been used, due to it’s simplicity and the timeless, memorable way that the name has been written.

coca cola logo



The Golden Ratio

The main way of scaling in logo design is using what many designers consider to be the scale that is most appealing to the eye and that is the ratio of 1.618, otherwise known as the Golden ratio. Many graphic designers have adhered to this ratio to scale their logos and make them versatile.

Negative space

To help make your logo look simple you can make smart use negative space to add extra meaning and personality to a logo design. For example, NBC used a small and subtle piece of negative to make their rainbow coloured droplets logo identifiable as a Peacocknbc-logo.jpg




















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