App design: target audience and design ideas.

For an app design lesson, we began creating our own app wireframe for a personal/schedule app. For my wireframe, I have chosen to work on a Coffee app.

This coffee app will tell people the best place nearest them to buy coffee and how much it will be likely to cost, and also how their favourite coffees are made and where they originally came from.

First, I had a look at some wireframe examples to give myself an idea of how I want my wireframe to look.

wireframe example
wireframe example

Then I began drawing out my own ideas for a wireframe for my coffee app using simply a piece of paper and a pencil, using the web results i found as inspiration.

Target audience

In order to get a better idea and outline of my target audience, I looked online to use market research to establish what demographic that my App is for.


For a Coffee-based app, my target audience most likely would not be children or young teenagers, as most people in that age don’t have much interest in coffee or where the best places are to buy them, so I won’t make my app for people of around 5-16 years old.

As most coffee-drinkers and people who are interested in coffee are adults of around 19-onwards, this will be an adult-oriented app where emphasis will be put on the recipes on how to make the different types of coffee, and how these types of coffees were originally made.


As coffee is enjoyed by many people of different races, backgrounds and cultures, I will try and make my app inclusive of all of these people and be available to anybody who wants to enjoy using it.


Design elements

Colour pallet

Most colours associated with coffee are warm shades of black, brown, white and beige, so these are the colours that I will primarily use in designing my app.

Adobe kuler pallet

coffee app colours

Visual style

I have decided to keep the visual style to a simplistic layout that keeps the app easy to explore and follow. In doing so, this will make the app accessible to anybody in my target audience and allow them to easily use it.

The aesthetic will have a friendly, inviting feel to it, almost like the feeling you would get from a living room. So, I will use rounded edges and images with an animated, cartoonish feeling.


Legal and ethical considerations

While creating this app, I must make sure that I do not plagiarise anybody else’s or any other companies apps or other creations on mobile, and any images I happen to use will be credited in this blog or on the app.






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