Unreal engine: process

To begin creating an example of my game in Unreal engine, I created a new level folder and named it level-01. I then changed the perspective settings to ‘front’ and the view mode to ‘lit’ to give the look of a 2D plane.

new level
new level selection

I then created a new folder called ‘sprites’ and in that folder, created 4 sub-folders called ‘Ildesprites’, ‘runningsprites’, ‘attacksprites’ and jumpingsprites’. I then began importing all of the necessary frames of animation into the appropriate sprite folders. Then, clicking on ‘create sprites’ after selecting those frames in each folder, I began creating the sprites that would be imported into the level.

jump flipbook
Jump flip-book

Creating a new character blue-print called ‘Aaron-sprite’ by dragging and copying into a new folder called ‘character’, I dragged this new character into the level platform I had created. Then, double-clicking on the character blue-print, I used the ‘event graph’ to select the running sprites and the idle sprites for the first half of the character’s animations. However for the jumping animation, I had to create a different event on the event graph, called ‘itsjumping’ and connect that event to existing animation events under ‘true’ and set the new flipbook to ‘Jump’ to achieve the character’s jump animation.

For importing the game tiles I had drawn in Photoshop I created a new folder called ‘Gametiles’ and right-clicked and imported the files into that folder. I then right clicked and selected ‘create sprites’ and then ‘create tiles’. After putting them into the game’s platform and edited the tiles in each of their editors so they looked how I wanted them to look in the play-view, and changed the tile’s levels in the game-view window.



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