Web design: Portfolio website examples


  1. Pawel Nolbert:Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.20.58 Rather than having paragraphs of text tell users about his portfolio, Nolbert lets the images take centre stage and speak for themselves. The layout is also very clear and lends to interactivity, while keeping a consistency with the content creator’s style in a way that makes the website and it’s content memorable to users.
  2. Refresh Studio:Image result for refresh studio The website is visually appealing and highly interactive, containing ‘mini-games’ based on the work that the company has done. The main page uses Java-script to make the lighting effect and the skull’s eye-line on the main page to follow the direction of the mouse and to create a scroll effect on the main menu, keeping the interaction throughout the navigation of the website.
  3. Sean Halpin: This website has a good focus on friendliness and simplicity, such as on the menu on the headband or the information page below the fold, which keeps the layout to a simple white background and cartoon-ish images on a pale coloured base. The content creator gives each piece of content it’s own display on the website’s ‘work’ page on which you have to scroll down the page to view them all, giving the same kind of simplicity to the navigation.

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