Film-making: Pre-production



 Script: First draft

Scene 1

Pan-down from the top of the Café to the front, where we see Sherlock and Watson sitting at a screen reading a newspaper and drinking coffee.


Kieran/Watson rushes up to Josh/Sherlock, waving a newspaper in front of him. “ We never seem to catch a break!”

Over the shoulder shot of both of them observing the newspaper

They want to investigate before the police arrive, so they eagerly get up, knocking over both their coffees in the process.

Pan left-to-right following both of them

They then run towards the crime scene, impatient to investigate.

Scene 2

(Pan left-to-right, following Sherlock and Watson as they approach the bridge, then linger on bridge to establish the location)

They both rush towards the crime-scene, almost slipping in mud in their enthusiasm.

(rotation pan right past car, after which body appears, which is the first sign that this is taking place in the ‘Sherlock’s’ imagination)

(Wide-shot, opposite side of body)

After-effects effect of Sherlock imagining the victim getting shot and falling in the real bodies position

(Close-up of Sherlock’s face, surveying the scene)

( Worm’s-eye shot as Sherlock picks up interesting dirt)

(Close-up of Sherlock’s hand, as he looks at the dirt)

Scene 3

There is an After-effect display of Sherlock’s thought process reaching a conclusion for the case, ‘connecting the dots’ the clues have given him.

(Close-up of Sherlock’s face)

Sherlock: “I’ve got it! Come on, Watson!”

(Wide-shot from beside the bridge)

They both hurriedly rush from under the bridge towards the next scene.

(Camera pans left-to-right)

Sherlock and Watson continue to speed towards where-ever Sherlock is leading them.





Art and Design: Mise en Scene:

Scene 1: Morning outside in front of a Café, Sherlock and Watson are sitting at a table drinking coffee and reading a newspaper.

Scene 2: Daytime underneath the bridge over the River Thames, with an imaginary dead body (Tony Mulligan) along with an array of parked cars and a lamp-post.

Scene 3: After-effect graphic of Sherlock’s thought process as he reaches a conclusion for the case. Back under the bridge with cars and a lamp-post, as Sherlock and Watson rush off elsewhere.

Scene 4: Mid-day in a tunnel leading towards a shopping centre near Kingston college main site. The tunnel is often a place where the homeless go to, so it is partly covered in old blankets and cushions. This is where Sherlock and Watson find the “suspect” (Martin Reynolds) and give chase.

Costume planning:

  • Sherlock Holmes (Josh Locke): The game takes place in modern day, so Sherlock would most likely wear a smart-casual Suit-jacket and black chino trousers along with perhaps a scarf. I will provide my own costume using similar clothing I already have
  • John Watson (Kieran Gimigani): Similar to Sherlock, Watson should smart-casual clothing, for example, smart trousers and a suit-jacket with perhaps a hat to give him some distinction from Sherlock.
  • Suspects (Martin Reynolds, Jamal Gayle): The suspects are desperate escaped convicts, so they would most likely wear casual/rough street clothing such as old jeans or shirts with a type of jumper or coat.
  • Murder victim (Tony Mulligan): Being a random citizen, he would only wear casual or work clothing.

Prop planning:

Prop list:

  • Pretend weapon
  • 2 pairs of hygiene gloves
  • Newspaper
  • Notebook


Call sheet


Recce report




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