3D animation: Maya obstacle course log


Maya log 1 steps
Animating my character across the first step

Log 1: The first thing I had to animate my character across was a small step up to a slide-like structured polygon. Using the channel editor to create key-frames from the ‘translate’ and ‘rotate’ channels so I could quickly key-frame each movement by simply pressing the short-cut ‘S’.

Using both the 3D and 2D perspectives, I began animating the character jumping lightly onto the step as if it were a stop-motion figure, moving each piece of the ‘skeleton’ rig a frame at a time using the ‘ move tool’ and ‘rotate tool’.


Log 2: For this part of the animation, where the character is sliding down a ramp and then climbing over a barrier, I tried a different method of animation, where I moved the frame-marker on the timeline straight to 25 frames and moving each aspect of the skeleton an appropriate amount for the time-frame.

Rotating the arms proved to be a challenge, as it was difficult keeping them anatomically correct and looking consistent.









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