FMP (Final Major Project) Architecture research

For the course’s final major project, we were asked to propose a project based on the theme of modern times, change and value. For my idea, I am creating concept art for a film or a video-game based in a Steam-punk city where the value of nature and wildlife has fallen.

Potential Project names:

City of Steam

Gears of London

Age of Steam: London


Gear City


FMP Digital Design – Proposal 2018

For the first stage of my research, I will taking a look at old Victorian architecture as well as modern London architecture such as the Shard, and the Gherkin.

architecture examples:

  • 20 Fenchurch street: Located in Fenchurch street on the top floors of the Walkie-talkie, this building quickly grew popular when it was first built-in 2015. Many people now go to the Walkie-talkie for the spectacular view of London at the top of the building, which is also mostly composed of several floors of South-American and Mediterranean inspired lush garden made up of plants and flowers from those parts of the world, dubbed Sky Garden. Also on these floors is a terrace, a bar and two restaurants.
  • Tate Modern - London | Housed in a huge defunct power plant. It's free of charge and has marvelous (and not too expensive) museum stores to shop in.Tate modern: The idea behind this building was to take an old, unused power-station and turn it into a building where modern art could be displayed. It was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott as Bankside power-station, who was also the architect behind Battersea power-station. The Bankside power-station shut down in 1981, but 20 years later, was re-purposed for a modern art museum, which became known as the Tate Modern.
  • The Shard: Because the Shard’s progress was made public early on in its development, even when it was half-completed, The Shard became a very familiar part of London’s landscape. Particularly famous because of its impressive height of 1,017 feet high, the exterior of the Shard is comprised almost entirely of glass, and contains a hotel, offices, apartments and the famous “View from the Shard” which is a large observatory on floors 68 to 72.
  • Blackfriars pub: This pub was originally built-in 1875, and eventually was completely re-modelled with an arts and crafts style, going further away from its design as a medieval Dominican Friary. Now regarded as a Nicholson’s the architects kept it’s Friezes, bright panes and carved slogans, along with a prosaic saloon from when it was built and a marble-topped bar.



Mood-board research

To give myself a better sense of how real and fictional buildings (in other concept art and fantasy drawings) look, I created a number of mood-boards with different types of buildings and architecture using photos and artwork.

Classic victorian architecture
Victorian architecture still in London
Victorian architecture 2
modern architecture-mood-board
Modern architecture in London
Futuristic and Modern London buildings
Futuristic London buildings




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