FMP: Sketches and Digital drawing techniques and development

For the second part of my project, I started sketching out different layouts for my city, trying out different perspectives and using isometric grid paper.

Street view 1
Street view 2
Air view
FMP-Constructmechs (1)
Construction Mech designs

Photoshop stage

I imported my sketches into Photoshop, ready to be painted, however, before I began this process, I decided to learn more about digital painting in Photoshop, as I needed to improve on my skills in that area.

Using various magazines and YouTube tutorials, I found new ways to paint with Photoshop, such as choosing a pallet and having it at a corner of a page for easier access and using the smudge tool.

Digital drawing practice
Digital drawing practice
FMP-SteamCitystreetview2 copy
Blocking in colours

Using textures

By selecting different textures from photos on my mood-boards using the lasso tool, I was able to transfer them to my drawings and fit them using the scale and warp transform edits, into the buildings and other parts of the scene, to give each of them convincing textures.

Using Image- adjustments- exposure, I was able to blend each texture into whatever surface I was using it for by adjusting the Gamma correction and exposure levels until the texture looks natural.

clock face texture
Giving the tower a clock-face texture







road with textures
Road with textures

For some of these textures, I used different images of London buildings such as these


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