FMP: Evaluation


Mood-boards: I was able to get a good sense of the type of look that steam-punk is known for by making a large variety of mood boards, based on different vehicles, games and especially, buildings.

This also allowed me to get a better feel for the different colours, tones and technology that’s most prevalent in Steam-punk

Architectural research: Using and researching different examples of London buildings I was able to use the different styles in those buildings to give my art pieces a greater sense of authenticity.

Influences: I took influence from video-game concept artists such as half-life’s artist Viktor Antonov, and the sketchbook work of Leonardo Da Vinci. I also took influence from video-games such as Dishonoured, Codename: Steam and Chrono Trigger.

Direct observation: To base my drawings more realistically I went about sketching buildings from life, However, I think I could have drawn  a bigger variety of different types of architecture such as sky-scrapers, apartment blocks and grander, church buildings.

Time management and planning

Deadline: Due to my skill at time management, I was able to hand in my FMP on time. Sticking to my brief schedule helped with keeping the various stages of my project on track.

I am still an amateur when using Maya, especially with texturing and creating textures, so modelling the 3D street for my project took longer than expected despite the fact that I managed to obtain and import the textures I wanted.

Developing and modifying work

Changes: At the start of this project, I originally had the idea of creating and drawing various characters for my game concept. However I found I could get enough art pieces and research just out of the concept of a Steam-punk city, and time constraints wouldn’t allow me to look that deeply into my concept.

Ideas: I had a few ideas on how to display my art pieces. An idea I initially had was to convert my 3D Maya model into a 3D print, but by the time I overcame my problems I had with Maya I had to stick with a photographic display for my end-of-year show.

Colour experiments: For a while, I experimented with the various colours you would find in a steam punk city, for example, shades of yellows, browns and more metallic shades like blue-grey and and dark grey.

Concept development: If I had more time, I could’ve given my concept a more fleshed out story rather than just the story of how London became a steam-punk city, for example, giving it characters and various other settings. However I didn’t have the time for these initial concepts, so I thought that rendering the city and giving it an identity would be enough.

Materials, techniques and processes

At first the materials I used to develop my initial sketches before going into Photoshop, is a set of pencils and a sketchbook. With these I drew different perspectives of my city, and  used different shading techniques to render these sketches.

I think scanning in these sketches to Photoshop helped me create the final pieces closer to how I originally pictured them.

Using Maya was useful as I was able to get a sense of one of my images in a 3D format. However, adding textures proved to be a challenge, as at first, I wasn’t sure how to save them with the model itself. I overcame this problem however, and I was fairly happy with the result.

I decided to do this as I thought that having a 3D model of my city design gave a different dimension to work in in my project.

Final outcome

I decided to present my project as a selection of A3 images as if for a gallery. I did it like this because I felt it fit the project I was doing. However, I had to display my 3D model in a 2D format using screen-shot based photos as I didn’t have the time to fully create a 3D print of it.

I felt it fulfilled the brief as it made the images easy to display and it was the most professional way to show them.


If I undertook the project again, I think I would pay more attention to the research section of the project, so I could have more context to what I was drawing and sketching. To do this I would aim to obtain more primary research by going to London and getting some photos of various building as well as the Shard and the Gherkin.

I learned more about 3D modelling in Maya and texturing using images in Photoshop, especially about texturing (in Maya) and using Arnold for rendering shaders. I also learned how to display my art pieces and having a display set-up in a professional way.








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