Film studies: Making an opening scene

In our first lesson of learning to make our own opening scene, we looked at some other opening scenes from different films, such as “Children of men” where we learn from the opening 5-minutes through the use of location, such as a near future London, and different props like a cage of immigrant people, that humanity is dying out, and we also looked at the film “Moon” which let the audience know of it’s futuristic setting through the use of music, scenes and camerawork.

For our film-making assignment we first had to come up with ideas (in our groups) for places to film, the shot types we would use and the props and costumes we would use.

Location: We discovered an ideal location for our shoot, which is a an old hallway in one end of the college. The fact that the hall uses less lights makes it ideal for the film-noir style and it’s also a very enclosed location which should make for a claustrophobic atmosphere.

Costume: We decided to pick a white shirt for our actor to use, as it would make the fake blood stand out more, and make a contrast with the dark lighting.

Props: To add a sense of drama, we made use of fake blood for the scene, to give the audience a hint of what took place before the character became imprisoned.

Shot-list: We created a series of shot-lists, showing our ideas for what the different shots we would take could look like.